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Brando's ProShop offers a variety of services. We pride ourselves on the standard of workmanship we offer for fitting, drilling, ball layouts, resurfacing, polishing & weighing.
As a professional & very technically advanced proshop we believe our margin should be made in the services we offer. Our prices are justified by the quality of our workmanship - we still believe in the old saying "You get what you pay for".

All prices are in Australian dollars & include GST. Prices & availability may change without notice.

Brando’s ProShop’s fitting & ball drilling techniques are the best in Australia. We take a great deal of care & consideration to make sure measurements are correct to within 1/64 inch.

Before your ball is drilled we will assess how you bowl, determine your positive axis point & professionally measure your hand. We can drill any size, shape & angle hole on our state of the art - "Jayhawk Digital Tri-Oval Mill Drilling Machine".
Finger Tip - Including Quad Inserts &
Turbo Slug Installed



Plugging & Redrilling
 The following prices are for all holes to be fully plugged & redrilled.
Finger Tip - Including Quad Inserts & Turbo Slug Installed


Prices includes a Resurface & Polish

Contact us for bulk plugging & redrilling prices.


Prices includes a Resurface & Polish

Surface Maintenance
The following prices apply to all coverstock types.
Resurface: $20.00

Polish: $5.00
*Second Ball & Additional Balls pricing is only available when the First Ball, Second Ball & Additional Balls are completed all at the same time.